AfterThedeadline.Com Review

Review of grammar checking service
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After the Deadline is another free grammar checker online for personal use. However, unlike some of the other English grammar checkers this grammar correction program must be downloaded to your computer. They have support available for you to consult with if you experience problems when you are pursuing the download.

After The Deadline Rating deserves a four star rating for their grammar review. This rating comes into place because they are not a very popular company and it is hard to find information out about their grammar and punctuation software. Not to mention the fact that they require you to download some software to your computer.

After The Deadline dot com and Its Free Grammar Checker is one of the free grammar checkers that is available via download. It is said to be one of the reliable grammar checkers as well. So, far there does not seem to be much feedback about this company available.

What Grammar Checking Software Uses

After The Deadline does not specify which grammar checking software they use.

Is a Scam?

There is no mention about scam or fraud taking place in reviews because their online grammar checker is free. In order for them to be a scam or a fraud they would have to be charging people money and simply not delivering the products or services that they promised.