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Fox Lingo dot com is one of the grammar checkers that is available that supports over 75 different languages in addition to the English language. They do require for you to download the software to your computer and are not an online grammar checker but when pursing the download you will find that they have a ton of other services that can prove to be very helpful to those who are trying to make sure that their writing is a close to perfection and humanly possible. Not to mention the fact that they allow you to test out the White Smoke grammar checker online before you commit to installing the software to your computer.

Fox Lingo Rating

Fox Lingo deserves a four star rating. This is because some of the things that they have listed on their website do come off as being a little bit confusing. First, seems to be working with White Smoke and do not actually have a grammar checker available under their own name so it can make one wonder if a Fox Lingo scam or a fraud is taking place within this company. Then, there is also the fact that there does not appear to be any reviews available anywhere on the web for customers to at least try to figure out what to expect. and Its Correct Grammar Checker

Fox Lingo dot com and its correct grammar checker is supposed to be one of the best when it comes to catching little grammar errors. However, there does not seem to be any credible reviews of fox lingo dot com to back up what this website is promoting. But, on another note, they do allow you to try out the grammar checker for free before deciding to get it so that may serve as good enough for potential customers who are considering taking the fox lingo dot com route.

What Grammar Checker Fox Lingo Uses

It appears as though Fox Lingo uses White Smoke as there grammar checker. This may be a relief to those who are familiar with the White Smoke brand.

Is a Scam?

There have been no reports of being a scam but there have also been no credible reports that state they are not a scam either.